29 nov. 2010

Critica de LA CONDENA en la revista Viewfinder, de Malta.

Desde Malta nos llegó hace tiempo una crítica realizada por Alfred Stagno para Viewfinder. Nos acabamos de enterar de su fallecimiento. Como homenaje os dejamos con un extracto de la misma:
"I liked all the winning films screened on the Night of the Knights. Special mention must be made however to a couple of finalists that touched me for different reasons. ‘La Condena’ was a class A film that left me spellbound. Here was a film that had a script holding its cards close to its chest. You have to see the film twice to realize how tiny bits of information and physical reactions from the actors, were perfectly executed to foreshadow the outcome of the drama. So while your mind races to get the whole picture, the director is showing just enough for the viewer to cotton on to the series of events. It goes to show, it’s not necessarily the size of the movie, in terms of locations, extras, special effects and more, that can make a movie successful, but good direction and convincing performances from your actors, where dialogue is pared down to a minimum, and the images speak volumes."

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